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Join us at
Camp Phire.
2022 Summer Internship

Pitch ideas,
not tents.

Join an intern team that crafts real results for real clients. Builds multi-channel campaigns. Exercises creativity for both conceptual and paid work. The work you do alongside fellow interns needs to be groundbreaking. Not breaking ground to set up a cloth abode…but you get the idea.

By the Numbers:

4 Interns.

A balanced representation of the agency environment

3 Months.

June through August of 2022

2 Projects.

Campaign-driven work for a real Phire Group partner and a local nonprofit

1 Goal.

Genuine client experience, tangible results, and a summer of fun

Summer Internship 2022

Break trail on your career path.

We take pride in furthering the careers of our interns in a tangible way. In addition to the connections and friendships you’ll build at Camp Phire, there’s a genuine opportunity to build your portfolio. Near the end of the program, we’ll even hold educational sessions that focus on maintaining and showcasing your work.

Take a bow.
Hit the bullseye.

At two points during the summer, the intern team will present full-scale creative strategies for real-world organizations. Take these opportunities to defend your quiver of ideas. Gather feedback. Shift perspectives.

There are four
seats in the canoe.

Account Manager Intern

You’re happiest when everyone else is happy. You manage more than projects and accounts. You manage expectations. Emotions. Progress. Agency life can be a rollercoaster — and you keep everything on track.

The account management intern manages anything and everything. Contribute to your team by…

  • Managing project timelines
  • Acting as the liaison between your team and the agency
  • Speaking up for the team when necessary
  • Taking detailed notes
  • Ensuring that all project deliverables are achieved
Strategist Intern

Just like Batman or Superman, you live a double life. Part business-minded visionary. Part creative rulebreaker. You steer everyone in the right direction…or the left direction…or wherever enduring ideas can be found.

The strategist intern strategizes anything and everything. Contribute to your team with…

  • An eye for creative output
  • An intimate knowledge of current trends
  • The constant need to ask “Why?” and “What if?”
  • A long-term perspective that leads to lasting creative solutions
Copywriter Intern

You once wrote a poem to win someone’s heart. All of your puns are intended. Maybe you’ve never been to Oxford, but you sure love their commas.

The copywriter intern writes anything and everything. Contribute to your team with…

  • A sense of humor
  • Long-form and short-form content writing
  • A love for grammar and proofreading
  • A distinct voice that tells a compelling story
  • A strategic creative vision
  • A portfolio that showcases your out-of-the-box approach (not required)
Designer Intern

You have an opinion on the Pantone Color of the Year. Choosing your resume font was a week-long task. What’s the difference between tracking and kerning? Nobody knows — except you.

The design intern designs anything and everything. Contribute to your team with…

  • Design aesthetic versatility
  • The ability to incorporate copy into your work
  • An appreciation for a wide range of mediums
  • The ability to work with pre-approved client assets
  • The ability to create original assets for clients
  • A fresh portfolio or work samples (required)

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When’s the deadline to apply?
Friday, March 11th.
What are the program dates?
June 1st – August 24th, 2022.
Am I going to get paid?
Most definitely. $15/hour.
Who can apply?
You. And anyone who is graduating in 2022, 2023, or 2024.
Ugh. I don’t ask any of these questions frequently.