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Brand/culture. Unleashing your organizational power.

Imagine how unstoppable your organization could be if you aligned your culture. 

Imagine how unstoppable your organization could be if you aligned:

Your leadership.

Your sales team.

Your customer service.

Your managers.

Your IT team.

Your marketing team.

Your administrative staff.

Your customers’ experiences.

Your advertising efforts.

Your website.

Your social media.

Your charitable outreach.

Your internal signage. 

Your rituals.

Your conversations.

Every person who might potentially join your team.

Everyone within your extended network.

Every new product.

Every new initiative.

Every story collected.

Every story shared. 





When all of the above are defined, aligned, and activated through a simple, repeatable, inspirational framework, organizations effortlessly thrive, decisions become clear, relationships become deeper, recruiting becomes enthusiastically inbound, and your marketing efforts become complementary — not primary. 

Why? Because your organization gains trust and builds predictable, positive expectations. Your marketing matches authentic customer experiences. Online ratings rise. Recruiting promises match internal reality. Purpose becomes clear. The energy level follows. The dollars become the measurable result, not the primary goal.


One set of principles and guidelines.

One defined articulation. 

One overwhelming, authentic, and memorable “why.”

It’s just that simple. 

It’s just that difficult.


We’re here to help.

Want to assess your organizational alignment? 

Start with our simple assessment.

Photo of Jim Hume.
Jim Hume

As the principal and founder of Phire Group, Jim works closely with clients to build brands that match an organization’s reason for being with their desire for solutions. Jim started the agency in 2004 with the philosophy of engaging a brand’s community to help shape and recognize its full potential. With more than 20 years in the industry, he’s worked with clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to startups in consumer goods, healthcare, technology, education, business-to-business, the arts, and more.