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Blog Category: Articles

Let’s Talk S.M.A.C.

The Subconscious Marriage of Art and Copy (S.M.A.C.) is hidden in superior advertising, and it has the power to completely shape a brand’s message.

Blog Category: Articles

Continuous Collaboration

Everything the Phire Group team shares with our clients has been touched by multiple people, demonstrating how important it is to collaborate effectively. We had a company-wide roundtable to identify how we can keep collaboration top of mind.

Blog Category: Articles

6 Word Stories

Advertising is storytelling. Many of the best examples tell a complete story in just a few words. They convey emotion, inspiring you to fill in the blank spaces with your own personal connections. If it’s really good at making you feel something, you’ll think about it minutes, hours, or even days afterward. Poof! Now you’re in a relationship with the brand. 

Blog Category: Projects

KBIS 2023 Recap

Wilsonart engaged us to create a dynamic space at KBIS. KBIS is North America’s largest trade show dedicated to all aspects of kitchen and bath design. This year’s event, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, boasted the highest attendance in the last 10 years. The show’s total attendance was comprised of 40,000 KBIS attendees and nearly 70,000 IBS attendees, with well over 100,000 guests total.

Blog Category: Articles

How to Stay Motivated

As we kicked off the new year, the question came up: How should we think about motivation and setting ourselves up to stay motivated throughout the year? The Phire Culture Committee brought this question to the broader team to gather a consensus on keeping each other accountable and on a path moving forward.

Blog Category: Articles

Listen to Learn

How this simple art can improve you, your agency, and the world. We are social animals. By nature, we strive to engage with others. This is fundamentally how we find pleasure, grow, and evolve.