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Bringing Your Brand to Life: An Inside-Out Approach

Why internal stakeholders are key to every communications plan.

For marketers in any industry, bringing their brand to life is essential. The implementation strategy to make this happen becomes just as important as the brand itself. It must advocate for its reason to be across all channels. As a communications plan is developed, emphasis is placed on reaching key external audiences first and foremost, and marketers often overlook a powerful resource: internal stakeholders. Not only should your internal community be the first to know about a major company announcement or marketing initiative; engaging them can help amplify your brand messages.

Engage internal stakeholders from day one

By starting communications from the inside out, you can build needed awareness, buy-in, and momentum for your messages before an external launch. This also ensures that internal stakeholders hear news — accurately — from the company before hearing it from an outside source.

Stay grounded in purpose

A well-defined purpose provides a shared connection across internal stakeholders and often inspires comradery that can be felt by the company’s partners, customers, and beyond. By staying rooted in purpose when communicating their brand, companies have the ability to remain true to their unique value and benefit to customers.

Stay connected

When employees are engaged and connected with their organization, and feel valued in their roles, they are more likely to advocate for their company within their own networks. This is important because, according to Nielsen, people trust recommendations from friends and family the most.

Make sharing simple

When it’s time for employees to take action, be sure they have access to the right brand messages and know when to share them with their professional and/or social media networks. This helps ensure alignment and that the key messages are being amplified.

How can you accomplish this? Through brand education, an understanding of why, and unceasing discipline and consistency over time. Do not assume that everyone is on the same page. Instead, write the page.

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