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Building a brand to thrive.

Promoting a lifestyle and a purpose that happens to take the form of juice.

The Situation:

Thrive Juicery, a native Ann Arbor Juciery + Eatery, came to us looking to do more than just sell juice — they were on a mission to help educate, inspire, and heal. Their story was inspiring. An unexpected cancer diagnosis prompted the Juicery’s husband-and-wife founders to embark on a personal health journey, turned passion project, turned business. Theirs was a mission to change lives. Ours was a mission to spread the word.

Tactics and Strategies:

  • Assessment and Competitive Audit
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Community Survey
  • Persona Development
  • Positioning/Storytelling
  • Brand Visualization and Organization
  • Brand Activation Strategy and Planning
  • Creative Asset Creation
  • Paid Social
  • Campaign Development

The Result:

A stunning, vibrant, and mission-focused brand. Through our research process and one-on-one interviews, we quickly realized this brand was about health and education first. We leaned into this, focusing on the lifestyle instead of the product.

We shifted messaging to relay a more health-centered and educative approach. We updated imagery to feel more approachable, bright, and produce-focused, utilizing close-up shots of fruits and vegetables to evoke freshness through color and texture. We then created a plan that called for more in-person, educational events to bring the community and customer in. Most importantly, we made the desire to spread knowledge through proof and science the foundational purpose.

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