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Continuous Collaboration

Everything the Phire Group team shares with our clients has been touched by multiple people, demonstrating how important it is to collaborate effectively. We had a company-wide roundtable to identify how we can keep collaboration top of mind.


We’re continuously improving our processes. Why? Because we know that we are stronger together. We previously covered collaboration and the different tools available to make working remotely easier, but recently had a follow-up discussion on the topic at a higher level to ensure everyone was aligned. As a group, we identified a few key things to keep in mind when looking to problem solve and bounce ideas off of each other.


Prepare the Team.

Having a well-defined, clearly stated problem, question, or goal allows the group to approach a project with a collective desired outcome. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and can move through things efficiently. Providing relevant documents in advance allows for thought ahead of time and any necessary preparation prior to the meeting. As an attendee/participant, reviewing the documents and information shared is just as vital, because it means you’re coming ready to join the conversation.


Create an Open Environment.

Keeping things low pressure, respectful, and judgment-free allows for vulnerability and trust among colleagues. It’s also important that everyone doesn’t feel the need to have everything solved within the meeting. Having that mindset will keep things positive and light. Those involved should feel comfortable openly asking for help, clarification, or opinions of others. Each individual has a unique perspective to offer, so taking advantage of input from teammates can be extremely beneficial. Not all meetings need to be stuffy though – it’s OK to have fun! Inspiration comes from light-heartedness. Starting the meeting with something non-work related can help set the tone and is a good reminder that we’re all on the same team, working together to solve the task at hand.


Additional Tips to Keep in Mind.

From a visual learning stance, screen sharing allows for everyone to follow along and stay engaged. When sharing work internally before it is sent to the client, allow ample time to review so that others can give more thoughtful feedback and even start necessary discussions. Our company generally handles this via email; however, meetings to look over work can provide a chance to voice opinions verbally. Then, once feedback is received, going through anything extensive together can ensure all are aligned.


Most importantly, we all have the same end goal. The more we think of each department as part of the larger team and work together closely, the greater the opportunity to learn from each other and build something truly amazing.

Kristen Violetta
Director of Project Management