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Developing a motivational brand story.

Elevating LOC Credit Union as a personal, welcoming financial institution committed to member and community financial wellness.

The Situation: 

LOC Federal Credit Union came to us seeking a re-envisioned brand that would better reflect their commitment to the financial wellness of their members and communities. They called on us to help them shift from heavy usage of labored fitness metaphors to sharing stories of triumph—elevating the brand by articulating an inspirational, motivational messaging approach. From a visual standpoint, we set out to develop a modern, lasting brand system that would help set them on the path of further growth. 

Tactics and Strategies: 

  • Qualitative Research
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Visualization
  • Brand Identity 
  • Brand Video 

The Result: 

The re-envisioned brand has positioned LOC Credit Union as a motivational financial institution focused on every individual they serve—focused on you. LOC isn’t a bank. They’re a team, a community who wins. Together.

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