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New brand? Now what? Brand launch planning for success.

Whether your brand is refreshed, redesigned, or reactivated, the reintroduction of a brand is a vital aspect of the branding process.

Whether your brand is refreshed, redesigned, or reactivated, the reintroduction of a brand is a vital aspect of the branding process. After a redesign, a new website or even a new brand position is created. The launch of this new brand piece is as important as the research and design that went into the creation.

Customizing the launch of a new brand with each key audience will ensure buy-in from existing audiences and foster interest from new audiences. But who do you speak to? How do you craft your message? What are you trying to accomplish? There’s a lot that goes into launching your new brand. We put together a few steps that go into planning a brand activation strategy:

Identify audiences.

Your key audiences have likely been identified throughout the research process. During launch planning it’s important to distinguish the audiences of your brand and the audiences of the launch itself. This often includes internal team members and existing stakeholders. Evaluate the needs of all audiences of a brand launch and the best channels of communication to get in front of each. Tailor your activation message and method of communication to each group.

Create internal brand ambassadors.

The most successful launch strategies start with buy-in from the internal team. Present the research and process behind the new brand initiative to internal stakeholders to generate interest and investment. Create tools and resources for team members to utilize the new brand in their day-to-day activities. Having internal brand ambassadors will make your message more consistent and effective.

Show it off.

Show off your work! You have a new brand, now generate awareness with existing customers, competitors, and new audiences. Announce what’s new about your brand and how it will impact each audience. Utilize existing channels of communication from email to social to advertising. And don’t be afraid to try something new. If there’s a communication channel that resonates with your key audiences that your brand hasn’t used before, a brand launch is the perfect time to test it. Take advantage of the new brand look and message to speak to new prospective clients and customers.

Connect to your end goal.

Connect your activation strategy with your brand’s end goal, whether that’s sales, a lead, or engagement from key audiences. This step is often forgotten in the launch of a new brand. It’s easy to think about how the new brand looks and feels, but keeping in mind KPIs will ensure the success of the launch strategy and the branding initiative altogether. In every touchpoint of the launch strategy, make it easy for users to interact with your brand, engage with your content, and contact you.

Aligning brand audiences, the internal team, key messages, and KPIs is the foundation to a successful brand launch strategy. Still feel daunting? We’re here to help!

Maria Newton
Media Planner + Strategist