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Promoting the smart manufacturing training revolution.

Through innovative illustrations and impactful video, we developed a campaign that increased awareness and drove lead generation.

The Situation: 

Tooling U-SME, a leader in manufacturing training, unveiled a new, immersive learning experience designed to enable and accelerate all facets of smart manufacturing. Our goal was to bring them to the forefront of the smart manufacturing revolution, encouraging individuals and organizations to elevate their knowledge and capabilities to meet and exceed the needs of the future.

Tactics and Strategies: 

  • Campaign Visualization 
  • Communications Plan 
  • Microsite Design
  • Print and Social Asset Creation
  • Promotional Video 
  • Press Release

The Result: 

Our campaign helped position Tooling U-SME as a leader in the smart manufacturing training niche and generate buzz for their new class offerings. Proving that there is excitement in innovation through bold designs and a few hints at unique learning experiences in virtual reality. All while ensuring individuals and organizations that Tooling U-SME is a trusted partner to prepare them for what’s next.


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