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Purpose-driven. Inspiring. Powerful.

Lake Trust

Lake Trust is a purpose-driven credit union. Working alongside their talented team, we helped establish a brand that expressed and celebrated their remarkable organization.

We spoke with everyone from the executive leadership to the front lines. We connected with members. We collected stories. We unearthed history. We fell in love with their mindset, their approach, and their culture.

Together, we tested options. We gathered feedback. We aligned. We collaborated. We sharpened.

We found interesting — if not serendipitous — themes. The credit union was founded in part to serve the Detroit Edison power workforce. It grew into a culture of financial empowerment and community throughout the state. The new tagline brought it all together.

Alongside their team, we helped craft a brand experience based on authenticity and storytelling.

The power in all of us.
Positioning Statement
We promise to lift one another, to empower wellbeing, and to multiply positive impact.
Brand Expression

Each of us has a powerful story. Your goals. Your struggles. Your dreams. Together, the story becomes even more powerful. We are more than a financial institution; we are a union of hopes, helping one another in the pursuit of better. At Lake Trust, we embrace the responsibility. We help you navigate the financial world. We listen to where you want to go and walk with you. We help our communities by focusing on impact and optimism. But, like you, we can’t do it alone. We’d love everyone to join us.

Pulling together the diverse people, landscapes, and power of Michigan.

Through collaboration, iteration, and connectivity with the Lake Trust team, the brand came to life it all its forms.

We helped unleash campaigns embodying the power and stories of Lake Trust.

Passion. Possibilities. Purpose. That’s the power of Lake Trust.

And it’s only just beginning.

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