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Many brands under one umbrella. Strong, focused, and connected.

AF Group

AF Group came to us with four strong brands already at the forefront of their industry.

The caveat: each was perceived as a separate entity.

Our mission: to help them be seen collectively as the nation’s foremost group of workers’ compensation insurance companies.

We conducted a deep-dive study of their customers and stakeholders to understand the value of each individual brand.

What we found was strong equity among these groups — far too much to combine them into one single entity.

Our solution: four brands, connected under one name.

AF Group, the umbrella organization, was born.

With it came a renewed purpose to redefine insurance itself.

Taking it from mundane to meaningful by putting people at the center of the message — workers, employers, and AF Group teammates who infused care and passion into their jobs every day.

We created strong, unmistakable interconnectedness while strengthening the individual power and purpose of each brand.

We created website properties and design details to present a more cohesive look and feel that would present them as a constellation of brands offering innovative solutions.

We built a unified campaign that could reach across each brand and speak to the regions, audiences, and needs they serve.

As AF Group evolves, so, too, does our mission.

With each new campaign, we continue to celebrate the power of people helping people to overcome some of life’s biggest challenges.

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