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Chem-Trend. Agents of change, passionately helping to define the future of manufacturing.


See more about the Chem-Trend + Phire Group partnership in our video case study.

Chem-Trend is the global leader in release agents, purging compounds, and chemical specialties.

They sell products. But ultimately, they empower greater productivity, sustainability, and quality.

Working alongside the small and talented Chem-Trend marketing team, we were challenged to help them fulfill their vision of a more targeted, measurable, and impactful brand experience.

While helping enhance their global brand presence and localized experiences.

Collectively, we aimed to celebrate their diversity of customers, applications, and materials they serve worldwide.

We also worked to create a dynamic online experience that matched the Chem-Trend team’s vision.

While helping complement their analytics-driven, evidence-based approach.

A small, hardworking internal team + a small, focused agency.

Leading to a system that helps our teams measure, track, and continually improve.

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