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The art of transforming a beloved organization.


An art museum can be a quiet, contemplative place.

The University of Michigan Museum of Art, however, is full of energy, curiosity, and life.

UMMA is entering a new era. An era that will redefine the possibilities of a campus museum.

An era that requires a deep understanding of how the art world is evolving.

Our teams came together, starting with comprehensive research and iteration.

We facilitated one-on-one interviews with community members, students, and key stakeholders.

And called upon focus groups to voice their opinion of creative concepts.

After listening to the community, we built a foundation that feels informed and inclusive.

We activated the brand to feel surprising and connected, led by a dramatically transformed digital experience.

We created a brand system that feels fresh.

A bold new logo that stands out — and stands the test of time.

A visitor experience that is enhanced by new resources and tools.

Brand extensions that can be found everywhere.

And a brighter presence that promotes gathering, discussion, and joy.

The results?

An art museum… that doesn’t feel like an art museum. An art museum that encourages everyone to feel inspired, feel curious, and feel free.

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